Sports Teams

McRoberts is an excellent choice for professional, college and high school sports teams as they travel throughout the U.S. McRoberts has provided the security for major sporting teams and events, such as, National Football League teams, National Hockey League teams, NBA and Nike events. McRoberts experienced security officers have also handled hotel security for major league baseball teams, and major college and high school football teams.

As an expert in sport team travel security, McRoberts will ensure a carefully controlled, hassle-free travel environment for your team with a tailored program that addresses risk management, safety, and security issues and helps avoid common delays associated with team travel.

McRoberts sports team security offers the following services:

  • Supervision on site for all sport team travel
  • Coordination with venues and hotel security directors for security logistics
  • Provide point-of-contacts with detailed security operating plans
  • Licensed security guards on every hotel floor your teams occupy
  • Executive protection for team owners and high risk individuals
  • Advance liaison with relevant authorities and agencies, as required
  • Site specific hotel and venue security, fire and emergency plans
  • Risk management and threat analysis
  • Assessments of team travel itineraries
  • Coordinate team arrival and departures
  • Secure equipment storage
  • Nightly written reports

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