Senior Groups

McRoberts is an excellent choice to protect senior groups as they travel to events, shows, and tourist attractions. McRoberts' fully licensed group travel security officers are specifically trained to deliver the highest level of security while providing a professional, cordial service that enhances your group's travel experience. McRoberts provides expertise in planning for various events, to ensure a safe and worry-free environment for your group.

Our officers also receive sensitivity training for the comfort and well-being of every travel group member. As an expert in group travel security, McRoberts will ensure a carefully controlled, hassle-free travel environment for your travelers starting with a tailored program that addresses safety and security issues.

McRoberts senior group security offers the following services:

  • Supervision on site for all travellers
  • Coordination with venues and hotel for security logistics, medical and emergency response
  • Licensed security officers on every hotel floor your group occupies, as required
  • Site specific hotel and venue security plans
  • Detailed written reports
  • Multilingual officers available upon request
  • Background checks on all security officers, supervisors and management

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