Security and Safeguard Escorts

Crewmember Safeguard Escorts. McRoberts safeguard security officers provide the transportation and escort of crewmembers that have or have not been placed under an order to detain (I-259) until the crew member departs the country. McRoberts officers check crewmembers in upon arrival to the airport and provide confirmation of departure. Officers can provide medical escorts for crewmembers requiring scheduled or unscheduled medical treatment. Officers will ensure the safety of the crewmember while in the medical facility and provide transportation to and from the port of entry.

Stowaway Repatriation. McRoberts safeguards stowaways that have been arrested by any local, county, state, or federal law enforcement agency. McRoberts officers arrange and obtain travel documents and prepare the stowaway for repatriation. McRoberts personnel provide side-by-side escort to the country of origin until they are in a position to relinquish custody to the proper authorities.

McRoberts officers have previously undertaken repatriation services via air transport to Panama, Poland, Romania, and many other destinations. These services are handled by a team of officers that are specifically trained for such services. The teams, armed or unarmed as required, usually ranging from 2 to 10 personnel as per the assessed risk, will travel with detainees or stowaways as required, until repatriated to the country of origin.

McRoberts safeguard escort security offers the following services:

  • Crew escorts to airport
  • Foreign escorts for repatriation
  • Medical escorts
  • Security in the United States prior to transport
  • Coordination with local authorities, as required

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