Executive Protection

McRoberts executive protection specialists provide individual and team protection services to ensure the safety of corporate executives, celebrities, sports figures, politicians, corporate executives and their families - individuals who may have elevated personal risk due to their employment, wealth, or celebrity status.

These specialists provide professional, discrete and reliable services created in full consultation with the client for maximum flexibility and personalization.

Excellent training is critical when it comes to executive protection. McRoberts executive protection specialists are specifically trained in First Aid and CPR, Travel Security, Emergency and Crisis Management, Security and Threat Assessment, Logistics and Investigations, Firearms, and Defensive Driving.

McRoberts security officers are both armed and unarmed, and have provided security to former Presidents, Foreign Leaders, Television and Movie Celebrities, Corporate Executives and Sports Figures.

Effective personal protection programs are based on research and preparation. McRoberts personnel will meet with a client to conduct a thorough risk analysis in order to determine the specific needs of each executive protection detail. A specific plan is then tailored to meet the specific needs of each executive protection detail.

McRoberts executive protection offers the following services:

  • Highly trained security officers (armed and unarmed)
  • Coordination with venues and hotel security directors for security logistics
  • Detailed security operating plans for point-of-contacts
  • Advance liaison with relevant authorities and agencies, as required
  • Site specific hotel and venue security, fire and emergency plans
  • Risk management and threat analysis
  • Assessments of travel itineraries

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