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McRoberts Travel Security, the recognized security leader for the travel industry, provides customized services designed to meet the travel security requirements of student tours, band groups, senior groups, faith-based organizations, sports teams, and the hospitality industry. McRoberts protects over 120,000 persons on 3,500 tours throughout the U.S. annually.

Clients appreciate the peace of mind that comes from a well planned, properly implemented and professionally managed security program. McRoberts' goal is to provide dedicated personnel, leading-edge monitoring technology, and the highest level of personalized customer service to give you exceptional quality of service and accountability.

McRoberts security officers are fully licensed and highly trained, able to handle security situations and emergencies, as well as diffuse and prevent issues. McRoberts' dedicated travel security professionals serve as valued security partners to professional tour operators in the performance of pre-trip physical security audits of hotels and the development of specific post orders and training for security personnel. For security personnel deployment, McRoberts offers clients their own on-line portal for efficient and convenient ordering for many locations simultaneously. Orders can be placed up to a year in advance, and are confirmed within forty-eight hours. Changes within a week of a tour are handled through McRoberts' Central Command and Control Center, which is staffed 24/7.

  • Experienced. McRoberts has over 135 years of experience in protecting people and property with a forward-thinking approach to the ever-changing business of security.
  • Trusted. The top student travel companies in the U.S. rely on McRoberts to provide them with national security coverage. McRoberts has the highest liability coverage in the industry and will customize an insurance program tailored to your needs.
  • Highest Standards in Training. Our security training and background checks meet or exceed mandated standards. Our staff members receive specialized sensitivity training tailored to the specific requirements of the people and environment they are tasked with protecting. Our people are well versed in the latest security equipment and technology.
  • Flexible and Adaptable. Whether you need to supplement your own security or chaperone services or outsource all your security requirements, McRoberts can help.

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